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The Rize Up! – Davo

At Rize we are passionate about the arts in all it forms. Over the years we have met an array of talented and creative individuals, and would like to introduce you to some of them. Amongst this ingenious group are painters, street artists, musicians and tattoo artists. We first pick the brain of Dave Jacob, a one time pro roller blader, drummer and videographer. A quick chat and some randomness.


Full Name: Dave Jacob
Business name: Ultimate Fury Productions



When did you first pick up a camera and start filming?

I could say the first time was when my Dad gave me a camera to film the birth of one of my many (7) younger siblings. In fact my mum had a home birth to my little sister. Obviously this was a long time ago and I was only about 8, so it’s not like when my dad woke me up in the middle of the night, I called up my production crew and started directing my mum to put more energy into it, Lol.
Actually, I’d have to say it was back in my Rollerblading days. I used the same old shitty Hi8 camera to film me and my buddy’s skating. Later on (with a new camera), I took it a bit more seriously and released Wasted Days (Canthrax skate team video) Australia wide, under my brand new name Ultimate Fury in 2005. I enjoyed it so much I decided to make a career out of it.

Who are your favourite directors and film/video makers?

Chris Cunningham, Eli Roth, Wes Craven, George  Romero, Spielberg and Tarantino. There’s definitely a lot more, I just don’t know who they are.

Chris Cunningham, Eli Roth, Wes Craven, George  Romero, Spielberg and Tarantino. There’s definitely a lot more, I just don’t know who they are.

Where do you draw your inspiration? That depends on what Im doing. If it’s a project that I have a lot of creative input, then – music, new film making techniques and the thing that lurks under your bed. If it’s something like cooking my dinner, then Walter White.

What are your top 3 video clips? (elaborate if you cant narrow it down)

That’s a hard one. Clips that are creative, clever and twisted.  Tool – Schism, Prodigy – Smack my bitch up and Aphex Twin – Window Licker.

What are your top 3 movies? (elaborate if you cant narrow it down)

That’s even harder! Sex and The City…haha…No! Anything with crazy visual effects (Transformers – Dark of the moon), Anything Will Ferrell (Step brothers) It’s all gone Pete Tong and Requiem for a dream. You get 4!

Who would you like to work with in the future?

I’d love to make a film or music video with Mike Patton (Vocalist/song writer for Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr Bungle etc etc).

What cool projects do you have coming up?

I’ll be making another music video for Inhuman Remnants in September. We’re going to be shooting on location for a few days with a big cast and crew. I can’t say too much at this stage but it’ll be a post apocalyptic, end of the world scenario type thing. Really looking forward to it.

What did you think of skywhale?

It was probably the most influential and significant experience of my life…c’mon!

As a metal fan, if you could resurrect one of the following who would it be? Dimebag Darrell, Cliff Burton, Jeff Hanneman.

Can I resurrect them all? Well you can be sure that at least one Slayer fan is already trying to resurrect Hanneman in some satanic ritual, so as the saying goes…Dimebag forever!

If you could have a beer with 1 person living or dead who would it be?

Bill Hicks because I would never get sick of listening to what that man has to say.

Have you ever been arrested?

Yes, on my 20th birthday. All my friends sang happy birthday to me as I was being handcuffed face first, on the bonnet of a cop car. I won’t go into details but I was innocent.

If you could slap one celebrity in the face who would it be?

Simon Baker from The Mentalist. I hate how he know’s what I’m thinking.

Did you have a favourite ninja turtle?

I actually watched a couple of the cartoon episodes the other day. They were on TV at like 4am, which was pretty weird. Think about the types of people who are up watching TV that late? Does the TV station think kids are up that late drinking beer or something? (just realised I described myself)…. Leonardo for sure. He had samurai swords and I’m pretty sure he drank beer with the kids.

If you knew that this was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?

I’d probably like to spend it with all my friends, family and me girl, and then get shot into space…. Can I do that?


Plug your stuff! Where can we find what you do?

My showreel and Ultimate Fury’s website – www.davejacob.net/
Ultimate Fury on Facebook – www.facebook.com/ultimatefuryproductions
Ultimate Fury and Metalworx on Facebook. Get your band filmed and recorded professionally at The Basement – www.facebook.com/ultimatefurymetalworx

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