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The Rize Up! Vol 2 – Context

Our second interview in the Rize Up series is with Aussie hip-hop artist Context. It's been a big couple of years for Context with a number of releases and supporting UK hip hop label High Focus and underground hip hop icon R.A the Rugged Man.

I could say the first time was when my Dad gave me a camera to film the birth of one of my many (7) younger siblings. In fact my mum had a home birth to my little sister. Obviously this was a long time ago and I was only about 8, so it’s not like when my dad woke me up in the middle of the night, I called up my production crew and started directing my mum to put more energy into it, Lol.

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Responsive design is becoming more and more relevant as people begin to access your website via different mediums. With the increasing number of smartphones and tablets on the market, people are accessing the internet in a variety of different ways. Having a site that adapts to various digital devices is now a crucial feature of a successful website and it enables visitors to have the best possible experience no matter what platform they use.

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